About us

We are the team of journalists which succeeded in creating the most watched documentary and investigative program in the whole Balkan region.  

In 2004, we started out as a crew of three journalists. Our program was aired in series twice a year on TV B92, where we were employed. Guided by the motto “there can be no compromise in the pursuit of truth,” we disclosed numerous pieces of evidence of war crimes, corruption, crimes committed by the security service, the assassination of Serbian prime minister, disputed privatizations, hooligans and extremist groups, mafia in football, judiciary and construction industry.

In late 2015, we decided to step outside the existing practice, believing that the Internet is a medium befitting our needs, as until now we were those “crossing the boundaries,” while now, we “have stepped into a world with no boundaries.”

The great potential of online journalism also entails great responsibility, which Insider team, having worked on reputable investigative TV program Insider, got used to it.  

Documentary films about Insider have been made in France, Germany, Scandinavia, Brazil and the region, while its success has also been addressed by a number of renowned magazines in Europe and the world.

We were just a TV program, now we are much more. You watched us twice a year. Now, you will be able to “watch” and “read” us daily. Our investigative stories will be available in Serbian and English. As of now, our stories are accessible to all corners of the world. 

Insider production has more than 30 external associates, while its core team is presented below:

Brankica Stanković, editor-in-chief, author of TV program Insider. From 1997 to 2015, employed with TV B92, which aired Insider. Started journalism career at TV Studio B in 1996, as an intern for a year. Then transfers to Radio B92, spending four years as an on-the-scene reporter, before becoming editor of main news program Dnevnik and one of editors of weekly programs Jutopija and Apatrija. Worked as a correspondent for Swedish Radio and German WDR. In the meantime, completed several international schools of investigative journalism. Most precious lessons learned from her colleagues, who were “top-notch” journalists at the time she was starting out. The most valuable schools for making success, which Insider has attained, include an investigative journalism training of British Foundation Thomson, and an intense professional journalism program, organized by the Washington-based International Center for Journalists. As TV B92 provided constant trainings for its crew, Insider’s journalists have attended a course conducted by BBC’s investigative reporter Donal MacIntyre, as well as several TV courses with BBC and IREX.

The laureate of more than 15 domestic and international recognitions and awards (see under Awards & Recognitions

In 2008, the British Council, under its project “Serbia: My Case,” named Brankica Stanković one of five future young leaders of Europe. In 2010, the OSCE, then gathering 56 member states, decided to make an exception and unlike previous years, when several individuals were awardees, presented the award only to Brankica Stanković. The only journalist in the Balkans featured in renowned British magazine Monocle. A Norwegian-Danish production has made documentaries about six individuals from across the globe deemed as the greatest freedom-fighters. The documentary about Brankica Stanković was aired on state broadcasters in the Scandinavian countries. 

Organization Reporters Without Borders has included Brankica Stanković among 100 information heroes and 10 most inspirational women journalists in the world. Also, the laureate of the 2014 Courage in Journalism Award, handed out by the International Women’s Media Foundation, honoring women journalists who set themselves apart by their extraordinary bravery. Stanković was presented the award at events in New York and Los Angeles. Shortly before the award events, American actress Olivia Wilde wrote a feature about Insider’s author Brankica Stanković, for prestigious Glamour magazine. Wilde is the daughter of renowned journalists Andrew Cockburn and Leslie Cockburn, the latter also the producer of American newsmagazine TV program 60 Minutes. Wilde, among other things, wrote: “unbending investigations of Stanković in Serbian TV program Insider have disclosed corruption in politics so strongly that assassins have pounced on her, but it did not stop her.” 

Brankica says all recognitions are equally important to her, but that she would not have won them without a team of people working with her on every episode. She insists that investigative journalism must rely on teamwork.  

As the result of the affairs she has tackled in TV program Insider, (see Results), she has been under police protection since 2009.

She has several times requested police protection be revoked, but every time she was given the explanation that the state must not allow for anything to happen to her. All about her safety which she could not reveal for years, she unveiled in book “Insider, My Story,” published in 2013.  

The end of the book’s last chapter actually marked the beginning of something new in personal and professional life. The team of journalists that worked with Brankica for TV B92, where they were employed for many years, has transferred to her privately-run production. The ranks are now enforced by some “new blood.” Despite everything that has happened to her, Brankica insists that it is the right moment for a fresh start. Asked about where she gets all that strength and energy from, she says: “Every single moment I am aware that life has no replay and that everything I can do is now, in this lifetime.”   


Miodrag Čvorović - Insider production director. Co-founder, together with Brankica Stanković of Insider production and producer of TV program Insider since its inception. They went on their first joint “assignment” by pure coincidence back in 2003. They worked on feature “Tracing Ratko Mladic,” which has been included among top 10 world programs at a festival in Berlin. Since, Brankica and Misa have been a team. Misa’s engagement as producer made considerable contribution to Insider earning a reputation and hitting extremely high TV ratings. Before Insider, he worked as producer for a number of world media outlets. Some ten years, he spent with ABC NEWS. The documentaries he was engaged have won two Emmy Awards and one DuPont Award. He has moved out of Belgrade to a small settlement in Vojvodina, where he has a ranch, gets up early in the morning to feed dogs and horses, but also to drive his daughter to school in Belgrade. At the crack of dawn, he texts about stories of interest. Tireless. If he were not a production director, he would be a rally driver. His crew is never late for filming video footage or meetings.

Mirjana Jevtović – A journalist, with the status of Insider’s brand name. When Brankica and Misa required a beef-up with the growing amount of investigative work, Mira, nicknamed Miki, was recommended as the top of her class in an investigative journalism school. Her favorite activity is digging through documentation and discovering various hidden information. She is persistent and uncompromising, so many interviewees are surprised to see her in person, usually assuming that such an attitude must be backed by a physically big woman. After the Faculty of Political Sciences, she garnered experience in daily Danas, which she left to join TV program Insider in 2005. Currently, editor of portal’s daily content, but also responsible for everything else concerning, because she likes to say, she simply “breaths” with Insider. When she gets tired, she takes refuge in her cottage on Mt. Tara, or somewhere closer, for a fishing break.  

Irena Stević - In September 2010, left Radio B92 newsroom to join Insider, which was at the time growing larges in what was Brankica Stanković’s response to the state’s decision to give her 24/7 protection. After spending seven years with, she says, beautiful people at B92 and Radio Beograd 202, she was ready for a new challenge, posed by Insider. Yet, Insider also meant a completely different type of journalism. Despite of her long journalism experience, many things had to be learned from the beginning, she says.

Irena still remembers her fist assignment for Insider: “It was not long after my transfer to Insider was agreed in principal, when the landline phone at Radio B92’s newsroom rang, while I was preparing morning news. It was 8 pm. Straight to the point, Brankica asked me whether I wanted to travel to Zagreb the day after tomorrow to do interviews about the runaway members of criminal gang called Zemun Clan, who on that day uncovered their whereabouts with their involvement in a gunfight. I knew that it was time to be brave, that it was that “big chance” in life and that I will forget about work hours.” What followed were series “The Scam of the Century” about coal mining complex Kolubara, privatization of oil and gas company NIS…  For her extreme sense of responsibility and constant pressure of not making accidental mistakes when investigating major stories, after several months of work on some topic, Irena can often be heard saying: “I cannot do this or that,” or “I don’t know how to do this.” Eventually, she finishes everything and is one the Insider journalists with greatest capacity to agitate interviewees. She is rejoicing the opportunity to, along with the best in her profession, be involved in pushing the borders and does not have the slightest doubt in portal making success.

Senka Vlatković Odavić – A journalist of B92’s newsroom for more than 10 years. She has been on the Insider team for two years now, but has been an associate journalist all along. Her first work day on TV was on March 12, 2012, so the assassination of the Serbian prime minister, she says, destined her to discovering evidence of interconnections of organized crime and state structures. With great passion she follws court cases all through  final decisions not subject to further review and is regarded as “the legal expert“ on the Insider team. Senka is a person who is awake round-the-clok and ever alwasy ready to explain everything in detail to all. A mother of two boys, who, atop her numerous daily chores, manages to do everything for Insider. She will work as an ediotor of portal’s daily content. The gateaway to the boundless space she sees as an opportunity to do her job and nothing more, yet nothing less either.

Jelena Janković – A journalist of Insider since 2015. While still a student of journalism, published articles in magazine Status. After graduation, worked for RTV B92 from 2005 to 2015, as author and host of several radio programs, member of music and culture team at Radio B92, associate journalist of B92’s newsroom and website. Taught that “silence is unacceptable on air, while journalists’ duty is to ask questions without scruples.”

Mina Milanović - Joined Insider to the end of her studies at the Faculty of Political Sciences. Became a member of, she says, the best team of journalists in the city, where she has learned “how professional journalism should be.“ If she were not a journalist of Insider, she would probably be a scientis as while in high school, she used to spend her summer holidays at Petnica Science Center. Her affinity for researching she has combined with journalism. Regarded as the biggest optimists on the team.